Refurbishing My Old Home 

Refurbishing My Old Home

I want to extend my heartfelt invitation to my newly-refurbished old mansion at blogspot. For the longest time, I have let this dwelling-place of my thoughts unattended. But I have not forgotten it. And the neglected journal just waited and waited, longing for my return. And I've come back with a renewed sense of self-- or perhaps more accurately, a renewed sense of "non-self." I've been beginning to refurbish it as my other home. I desire a chance to warm you with my hospitality.

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Sun Oct 16, 2005 12:33 am MST by Lakers Tickets

Comment ey ey! your old mansion looks great :D and i'm glad that you are doing great as well. take care! by the way, i got the chancellor press of jane austen's books. 2 days ago, i went to the bookstore again and i saw the everyman's library ones. they were only a few cents more than the ones i bought and were thinner! oh well. as long as i got the books! :D

Fri May 28, 2004 1:46 pm MST by Gracey

Comment cheyenne, i don't think i'm leaving blogeasy. we'll see how i will do keeping up two homes. as for blogspot commenting, you can leave an anonymous note including your name in the body of the message. i'll probably get outside help for commenting soon. :) thanks for dropping by both houses. i hope you enjoyed the coffee and biscuits. *mwah*

Mon May 24, 2004 7:14 am MST by gail

Comment hello gail. im just not sure but i accidentally bumped into your blogeasy again. -- u know i was gonna login to my account and i figured before doing so i might as well read blogs...and now here i am! :D i went to your new home, looks good. lol i have a second home on the making too. i feel smarter with xanga for a couple reasons: 1. more friends are doing it than blogeasy--obviously im jumping into the bandwagon. but yeah. 2. i have been trying to hella figure out how to put on the skins and makeover my blogeasy site but i just never did find out! --and xanga is defintely easier--i have lord of the rings skin! hahaha so, are u leaving this site for good? i didnt leave a comment on your second home coz i had to sign up again and i didnt want that. anyhow, till here. i'll see u sometime. holla.

Mon May 24, 2004 12:08 am MST by chey

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