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Cars, Cars, Cars gail 08/24/2005
Back To School Choices gail 08/17/2004
Blogger Seeds gail 08/11/2004
Fond Memories Worth Ten Years gail 08/10/2004
radioactive squirrel gail 08/10/2004
trying the banner on gail 07/31/2004
First "That's Awfully Personal" gail 07/31/2004
New Look! gail 07/28/2004
F5: Paper Trail gail 07/22/2004
My School Life--College Naman gail 07/03/2004
Friday Fiver! gail 06/11/2004
Refurbishing My Old Home gail 05/23/2004
Burning Question gail 05/18/2004
No More Friday Five gail 05/14/2004
Welcome To Our World gail 05/10/2004
Burning Question gail 05/08/2004
No Title Part II gail 04/29/2004
Mariners Fever gail 04/22/2004
Roundabout Apology gail 04/21/2004
Friday Five gail 04/09/2004
Distinctly Me gail 04/06/2004
I've Arrived gail 04/05/2004
The Price I Have To Pay and the Songs I Have To Sing gail 04/03/2004
Putting the Core in UCore gail 04/01/2004
Toenails and Collarbones gail 03/22/2004
No Title gail 03/21/2004
Friday Five gail 03/19/2004
Where's My Link Page?! gail 03/19/2004
Spring Break, O, Spring Break gail 03/18/2004
Dusting Off My Sunglasses gail 03/09/2004
Appealing To Your Greed gail 02/10/2004
Ang Sarbey Na May Sense gail 01/13/2004

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