First "That's Awfully Personal" 

First "That's Awfully Personal"

Okay, this is the first That's Awfully Personal that I've done. This service has just started after the closure of the original friday five. If you are up to it, do one at your own site!

Revenge is sweet, they say. Think about the occasion in your life that caused you the most misery. If you had the opportunity to exact revenge for this humiliation or misfortune, would you take it? If so, would you definitely want, or definitely not want, or not care whether, the object of your revenge knew you were behind it? What kind of revenge would you prefer (you can choose more than one): (a) public humiliation, (b) signifiant financial loss, (c) family breakup, (d) physical injury, (e) isolation in some distant part of the world where you'll never see them again, (f) just an apology and if applicable, restitution?

I don't even remember the occasion in my life that resulted in my misery. I believe most of my humiliation comes from my own folly. Getting humiliated in front of a crowd is definitely my fear but I've flirted (unknowingly) with it many times. Anyway, if I were to have the opportunity for revenge, I don't think I would be up to it in real life. Of course, in my imagination, I'd be delighting over the opportunity and relishing it. My imagination has a flair for drama, having developed in a culture where confrontations and dramatic deaths are staples in soap operas (Filipinos know what I'm talking about). I'd be too guilty in real life for the whole thing to work. Knowing I'm the cause of their misery is just too much for my peace of mind. If I couldn't have known I'm the cause of their inner pain and suffering (i.e. unrequited, undying and unconfessed love for me), my peace of mind would have been intact. LOL.

Whew! My first one. I think today, I'm being babbly so it, at least, has the chance to work. :P Are you ready to do your own?

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Sun Oct 16, 2005 2:17 am MST by Lakers Tickets

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