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Distinctly Me

Lately, I've been preoccupied with coming up with a name that stands for me. I see a lot of blogs with such definitive names or titles, and I realize my blog doesn't have that luxury. "Lexus Cage." "Baligya ug Laway (Saliva Trade)." "Aninikad (some kind of mollusk that was a delicacy at my old house)." "Gelay." etc, etc. I think my public life is so anemic that I couldn't conjure phrases like, pinayexpat or phenoMINA. But I'm not giving up yet. What catchy phrase can I use for a possible domain name? I keep on thinking, what title would I want for an autobiography?

How about you? What are you going to call your tell-all book? Humor me.

I've Arrived

I know that for a fact. When you have arrived, you have a wardrobe consultant. That makes huge sense since I have no fashion sense whatsoever. So I begged for help. My sister picked my clothes out for me last Sunday. I was well-dressed. My shoes got special notice too. What others didn't expect to learn is that it wasn't new at all. I got it three years ago. Success! My sis will be resuming her duties on Easter.

The Price I Have To Pay and the Songs I Have To Sing

"If you can get through SPU, you can get through med school. Seriously."

Famous words uttered by one of the most successful alumni produced by pre-med program at Seattle Pacific University. She just finished her MD at Cornell, ranked first or second in her class (my pre-med advisor said with pride), is starting with her radiology residency. She was a biochemistry major and an art minor. She is, her advisor liked to say, a talented watercolorist.

After that cozy roundtable talk at the lobby of the Science Building, I felt empowered. Hey, I can truly do this... right, Lord? But, as always, I need to be truly cognizant of exactly (financially, mentally, physically, emotionally) what I'm getting into.

With that, I am registering for summer classes: 10 short weeks of Anatomy and Physiology (10 credits). SPU offers financial help. I looked at the form I must fill out, and I realize I need to choose what aid I want: work-study or loans or both. I had planned on not working as I wanted to fully focus on my studies. Now, I'm faced with a decision: more loans or more work. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. The price I have to pay.


Here's a well-deserved shout-out to Leo and his blogdrive! I warn you, though, it's not for the faint-hearted. Mabuhay ang pisay-evc!


Where's my friday five???

1. Where were you born (city or state or just country)?
< Firm. Serta. I like it. I have to cater to my oft-aching back.


Check this out! ;) Check out the one about SPU. Click na.

Putting the Core in UCore

I have heard many students lament over the fact that every single Seattle Pacific University Falcon is required to sit through the "U-classes."

"It's like you're minoring in them!" says one.

"It makes it so hard for me to transfer to another school."

"It's too 'Christian' for me."

"What's geo-quizzes got to do with my chemistry major?"

All too familiar refrains. All too annoying refrains. I like to think of myself as a dissenting voice. I have loved and enjoyed each of my University-classes. I have done 25-credits worth of these classes with 10 more next year. And from each of them, I got lessons that I know are just beginning and will continue to enrich my life on this earth.

My University Seminar (commonly called USEM) class had a communications slant to its mission and ministering thrust. I realized in this class how powerful a well-prepared and memorized speech can be. I also came to appreciate the friendships I have formed in class, out of class and in the past. A University Foundations course (commonly called U-Found) encouraged me to celebrate the diversity in the Christian faith. It is in this diversity that Jesus worked to bring unity. In fact, He prayed for and commanded us to it--unity among Christian believers. So, I learned in another U-Found class called Christian Scriptures.

Two courses that has revived and nurtured the humanist in me. University Core (commonly called UCore) 1000 introduced me to opera. Oolala. With such a vibrant performing arts community that can be found in Seattle, no wonder I'm listening to KING FM 98.1 and trying to understand books like "Training Soprano Voices"! I came to UCore 2000 expecting dusty old books and history-date-memorizing galore. I came out with a growing need to read. Dr. Ruth Ediger is such an inspiring professor; her influence is greatly felt. It was in her class that I seriously considered working towards an English minor. It was in her class that I got introduced to Alexandre Solzhenitsyn. It was in her class that I grew to love geo-quizzes, a computer-based quiz of the political and geophysical parts of the world. I memorized and reviewed the capitals of nations of the world, the locations of these nation-states and the prominent geological features in the continents. Most of all, the class led me to rediscover the literary classics. I have seen and read references to treasured books but I haven't read them all. I think I know that some of my free time for the rest of my life is not going to be free after all.

Indeed my yet unfinished college experience has been life enriching: stretching, challenging and strengthening my faith and my sense of identity.

Toenails and Collarbones

I went to visit my aunt a few days ago. She does manicures and pedicures as a hobby. She took one look at my exposed toenails and observed with horror, "Ay, your toenails look like a child's!" For your edification, my toenails are virgin nails: pink with health, untainted by polish, very clean and well-trimmed. I think she's just bummed I haven't visited her for nail cleaning and painting. *winks*

I'm a wee bit obsessed with my collarbones--just a teeny weeny bit. I am of the notion, mistaken or what, that I'd feel happier if my clavicles show, but not in a protruding gag-inducing kind of way. Unlike most females, I check my collarbones whenever I chance upon the mirror.

Here's a plug for . I feel smarter!

No Title

I usually write my titles first for blog entries. For some reason, I can't come up with something so for now, it's "No Title." Somehow, "Untitled" is off-limits for me. It brings images of works of art, of paintings and sketches. And I know, this entry is NO work of art! :P

Ah, Friday Five. Now, I can't go on stretches of time without posting here. So, what do you think I'm doing right now? Exaaactly... I'm trying to avoid having two consecutive friday five entries.

Ah, trends in reality television. Before, I thought it used to be contests of survival with Survivor as the prototype and trashy shows showcasing bored and lustful people in one house. Now, it's makeover mania. Makeover this, transform that, remodel this and replace that. Rooms, houses, faces, fashion sense and horror of horrors, entire personalities! I think it's getting out of hand. What message is the society giving to alien life that might happen to be watching?

Friday Five

I don't know why it took me so long to find and figure this out. But here goes. :P Friday

If you...

1. ...owned a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve?

2. ...owned a small store, what kind of merchandise would you sell?

3. ...wrote a book, what genre would it be?

4. ...ran a school, what would you teach?

5. ...recorded an album, what kind of music would be on it?

Where's My Link Page?!

I'm allowing myself to gripe... as always. I stumbled into a webring for Filipina bloggers, a site I had stumbled across last summer and whose url I had promptly lost. Anyhoo, thanks goes to, Sinta!. I remember trying to sign up for that webring but seeing I'm not yet twenty and I have NO link page on my blog, my case needs to be tabled--for now. I've very frustrated with this inconvenience. (Do you hear that, blogeasy?) Not only can I not join any webring, I can't even keep a list of journals I religiously visit! I am already attached to blogeasy (nah, i'm very lazy with regards to change) so moving to greener pastures is not in the near future. But please, please, give me my link page!

Spring Break, O, Spring Break

no, i'm not in the typical spring break paradise. i'm in my own spring break paradise! i have books around me and just finished watching movies. ncaa division i men's basketball's on. (waiting for SPU women's three wins to division ii championship!) the sun's out in seattle. but boy, does the beach call me. i miss you, secluded beach of my youth! i will get to know you pearl farm island resort, soon i hope. will it be too much to wish for TFC or cable, if only to watch shots of beaches around the world?

Dusting Off My Sunglasses

I took out my sunglasses out of storage. With the fickle weather in Seattle, I can only be prepared. I saw the sun and I raised my arms as if saying, "I miss you, sun!" It has been a long time, indeed. This winter, I enjoyed and loved it. I was not really gloomy. But, I do miss staying out and reading or walking around Greenlake in the sun or walking slowly enough to allow me to almost finish "Pride and Prejudice" or having my eyes adjust to the darkness a couple of minutes out. I miss you, sun!

I absolutely loved Pride and Prejudice. I am now developing a partiality to Jane Austen. I now can't imagine life without having read her. Love it, love it, love it. C'mon line (for the library hold), move faster. I can't wait to see the movie!

I'm keeping myself away from friendster, myspace and orkut. But in no time, I'll see you soon, friends. In the mean time, I'll read and read and read and read and read...

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