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Friday Fiver!

Okay, I was just thinking I will be putting memes over here. Here's one from the friday fiver:

1. Where were you went you heard that Ronald Reagan died?
< I don't eat jelly beans. I usually eat orange-flavored candy.

Refurbishing My Old Home

I want to extend my heartfelt invitation to my newly-refurbished old mansion at blogspot. For the longest time, I have let this dwelling-place of my thoughts unattended. But I have not forgotten it. And the neglected journal just waited and waited, longing for my return. And I've come back with a renewed sense of self-- or perhaps more accurately, a renewed sense of "non-self." I've been beginning to refurbish it as my other home. I desire a chance to warm you with my hospitality.

Burning Question

Is there a connection between singers and the amount of crying when they were babies? My cousin has a very fine voice; she was a loud and insistent crier. A friend has a rich, expressive voice and she was also a loud baby. Is there a connection?

No More Friday Five

It is with deep sadness that I hear the news of the signing off of friday five. It has been great although I've only done it a several times. It was a way of letting you guys know a little bit about me through a mini-questionnaire. I'm wondering if there are other great sites like fridayfive. I thought there was one at Anyhoo, happy weekend everyone.

Welcome To Our World

Little, beautiful boy, welcome, welcome to our world. Let no one tell you you were unwanted because it isn't so. Be the best that you can be. I wish you will live for the Lord. Welcome, dear Vince.

Ate Ceegee, I'm so proud of you.

Burning Question

I've always wondered since I was a little kid. It's only now that I remembered. What does "Reg. Phil. Pat. Off." mean?

No Title Part II

I'm obsessed. I'm obsessed with keeping my teeth clean. I spent about three minutes brushing, three minutes flossing and 30 seconds rinsing with a pro-grade mouthwash (alcohol-free, mind you). I guess that would happen after a visit with the dentist. I'm wondering how long this obsession lasts, hopefully till the next dental appointment. :)

Mariners Fever

Baseball fever is back in full force. The Safeco Field roof is open. 77-degree weather is back. If only the M's could stop their losing ways and back to their winning ways. Go M's!

Roundabout Apology

I'm a horrible sister. I'm insensitive. I'm mean. I go ballistic if I get too hungry. I treat you like dirt. I look down on your accomplishments. I can't keep a lid on my temper. I have a hard time saying sorry. I give mean looks even if I don't intend to. I say words and things that I don't mean when I get angry. I'm too horrible to be loved. Yet you still do. Maybe you have no choice. Maybe you made the choice. I'm embarrassed and humbled but also hopeful that I can change for the better. Because You inspire me.

Friday Five

Thank God it's Friday Five! The theme is work. I am at work, overtime. How appropriate.

1. What do you do for a living?
< I am studying to be a primary care physician. Which reminds me, I need to get my experience and volunteer work continued. Argh. I'm also interested in a career that lets me read and read and read with no pressure.

Happy Easter, y'all! I know what that means... hello, friendster (ahem, among other things).

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