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Cars, Cars, Cars

I haven't done That's Awfully Personal in a long time so here goes one about cars....

What will your next car be? What does your choice say about you? How long would you expect to keep it? And if your choice is practical (tempered by financial or weather reality), and money and weather were no object, then what would your choice be? If you could design your own car, what would it be like?

It will be a silver Toyota Camry. I won't be buying it any time soon as I'm seriously broke. But a Camry will say I'm such a cool person who travels a lot in her mind and likes her own company. I would expect to keep it until it breaks down. It can be like my everyday car, you know. When I'd feel like being unlike myself, I can drive around my yellow Lexus SC430. I'll put the top up and down at every stoplight, delighting everyone who can see. I'm such a showoff! :P

Back To School Choices

First meme from Tuesday TwoSome!

What do you prefer now or preferred when you were in school?

1. Cafeteria or sack lunch: I prefer cafeteria because preparing sack lunches can be a pain, especially since I'm Filipino rice-eater. hehehe.

2. CliffsNotes or read the book: I didn't even know CliffsNotes existed until I came to the US. I think reading the book is more rewarding! I like reading.

3. Uniforms or wear whatever you want: I like the fact that I don't need to think about what to wear. I just need to grab the uniform!

4. Math or Science: Science, baby! But I can be comfortable in Math.

5. Homework or detention: I've never had detention. But I despise homework! I'd rather read my novels. :P

Blogger Seeds

Okay, I found a meme from blogger seeds. This question is a this-or-that.

Land lover or water baby?

I'm a water baby, definitely. I've always loved the water, whether the one gathered in a pail for my daily tabo-bath or the sparkling water surrounding the many islands of the Philippines. I remember having dreams of being a mermaid living under the sea. Or a sea-fairy. My dream house will have an indoor swimming pool or by the sea. Being a water baby, I liked the show Secret World of Alex Mack, where a girl has some fluid characteristics. :) Okay, I'm done, time to swim in the waters that fill my mind. whaat???

Fond Memories Worth Ten Years

Seeing a wonderful entry by Paula, I decided to answer her last query. Let see how my memory is holding up. I'm listing about three events for each year.

Ten years ago,
* I memorized major bones of the body for science class. It made such an impact on me, I still remember some of them, helping me during this summer's Anatomy and Physiology class.

* I think I got my first period during this year. I was running around with my boy friends, and I felt it. Mama went through the little ritual for the first menses. It was a little odd.

* I won a little competition during Linggo Ng Wika. I sang "Anak Ng Pasig." I still remember that song fondly. My breathing technique was non-existent; I swallowed during one of the higher notes. I redeemed myself by singing flawlessly (Looking back, I don't remember any mistakes. Oh, hindsight!) during the big culmination program.

Nine years ago,
* I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart. I became convinced that He's the only one who can fill the emptiness in my heart. He came to earth to live among us, died for our sins and rose again, triumphant over evil. He's been my Lord, Rock and Savior! :)

* My maternal grandmother died. I remember waking up to my mother's cries at the hour of my grandma's passing. I brought her a glass of water to drink and I stayed up a little later pondering why I woke up when I did. A little odd since I was at my rebellious stage at this point.

* I experienced my first crush. He is someone I will never forget. I found him at friendster too!

* I learned that someone had a crush on me. I was told it was because I looked like a princess in an old hand-me-down. I hated the dress. I ignored the boy.

Eight years ago,
* Sixth grade came, and we were kings and queens of the school building. I loved Mrs. Tacmo's (our adviser) handwriting.

* I tutored someone in penmanship. He says his penmanship is still hopelessly unreadable. I guess I failed.

* I convinced some of my friends to apply to Philippine Science High School with me.

Seven years ago,
* I graduated from elementary. I wrote poems endlessly during graduation practice with the high school peeps. My crush from last year looked gorgeous, and he spawned numerous odes.

* I entered Pisay-EVC with the hopes of eventually becoming a doctor. It felt so odd being froshies and eating lunch in the lobbies of the unfinished school.

* I had so much high hopes to get into the Director's List. I fell short by hundredths of a point. How crushing! I never regained the confidence.

Six years ago,
* We processed our passports. I thought we were leaving for the States very very soon. I was wrong.

* We traveled to Cagayan de Oro to attend the wedding of my uncle. It was a very fun vacation, and will always hold a place in my heart. I heard the song "There Will Never Be Another" for the first time. I'm going to have it played at my wedding.

* Another year of crushes and crushes. My friends and I named them all with codenames. I remember the codenames but I've long forgotten the boys.

Five years ago,
* Third year high school was very fun. I loved the advanced classes in Biology. I loved Chemistry.

* I was sent in a group with 2 talented schoolmates to compete in a Chemistry competition. I was so scared I was going to let the group down. We won first place, no thanks to me. What I got out of it, besides a medal, was the conviction that I can do anything. :)

* I went on a sleepover at a classmates faraway house without telling my parents first. Now, they won't let me forget the only time I didn't ask permission first.

Four years ago,
* Fourth year at last! I wrote for the school paper, and I got in trouble with the CAT commander (the instructor) over an article. Dear friend, Madonna, cried with me under the stairs of the ACA I building.

* We got word that we got our US visas. I didn't care for school any longer. But I cared for my friends I was leaving behind. I also grieved the lost opportunity of studying at the University of Sto. Tomas. I'd hoped to study Microbiology there and eventually get into their med school. My parents now ask me how I'd try to get a medical education had we stayed in the Philippines instead. I remain convinced I would have found a way.

* Finally, Seattle! What a wonderful Christmas we had. What welcome we enjoyed from our relatives and church family! I will forever thank the Lord for this opportunity.

Three years ago,
* I entered Shorewood High School as a tenth grader. I mourned that I won't be able to graduate at the same time as my friends in the Philippines. I took an extensive English test; I was to not take ESL (English as a Second Language). As an English language-lover, I got the highest praise, that I speak English as if it's my first language.

* I made new friends while longing for my old ones. To this day, these treasured new and old friends warm my heart.

* My family and I lived a pretty thrifty life, determined to pay off debts and loans to people (and to PSHS, because I broke my contract) as soon as we can. But our family still enjoyed the essentials.

Two years ago,
* Having gotten my PSHS transcripts, I was made a senior slated to graduate in June 2002. I was ecstatic because I felt that I was going somewhere and not only repeating the classes I've already attended in the Philippines.

* I got a chance to be in Advanced Placement Chemistry. It was one of the highlights of my high school career, when I felt really challenged. I got a 4 on the exam but didn't transfer credits at my college because I was advised that many medical schools do not accept AP credits, especially not in Chemistry and Biology. But I made good friends. I will forever remember Mrs. Nagy and generosity to me as her student, friend and Teacher's Assistant in General Chemistry.

* I applied for and got accepted to the UW and SPU. I chose SPU for various reasons, and I'm glad to report it is the best college for me. I met really great people with whom I share friendships. I met the amazing Drs. Fitch and Moore, pre-med advisors. I place my trust in them; I know they have my interest at heart.

* I traveled to Vancouver, BC with my aunt, my uncle and sisters. First time out of state and out of country. (I forgot when if this was two years ago or a year ago. I'm just adding it to 2002.)

One year ago,
* I couldn't believe I finished my first year. I feel much older and wiser.

* I got introduced to opera. I love it. I've learned to appreciate art and classical music more.

* I started blogging (I couldn't believe I spent a few minutes walking trying to recollect before I thought of blogging!) on blogeasy, blogspot, diary-x. m-blog, diaryland. I've known so many great and supportive and nice people through blogging. So far, I've never really met nasty ones.

This year,
* The dream of becoming a doctor is beginning to sharpen. I'm definitely moving towards it. Praise the Lord.

* I've put together a short starting list of medical schools to which I'm thinking of applying. They all look great but I pray for a school that is as great a fit for me as SPU is.

* I'm still reading and writing but curiously, not writing poetry. I've not added any piece of writing to [link= target=_blank]lockload reads[/link]. I've not given up yet. *waiting for inspiration*

Well... A lot of school-related stuff remained in my memories. I love school and learning. So, it shows. :)
How about you, how have your last ten years been spent? Leave a comment with a link to your entry if you decide to do your own. *smiles*

radioactive squirrel

???fluffy girdlebiscuits is a radioactive squirrel!!


trying the banner on

Ok, so let's see if the banner works

First "That's Awfully Personal"

Okay, this is the first That's Awfully Personal that I've done. This service has just started after the closure of the original friday five. If you are up to it, do one at your own site!

Revenge is sweet, they say. Think about the occasion in your life that caused you the most misery. If you had the opportunity to exact revenge for this humiliation or misfortune, would you take it? If so, would you definitely want, or definitely not want, or not care whether, the object of your revenge knew you were behind it? What kind of revenge would you prefer (you can choose more than one): (a) public humiliation, (b) signifiant financial loss, (c) family breakup, (d) physical injury, (e) isolation in some distant part of the world where you'll never see them again, (f) just an apology and if applicable, restitution?

I don't even remember the occasion in my life that resulted in my misery. I believe most of my humiliation comes from my own folly. Getting humiliated in front of a crowd is definitely my fear but I've flirted (unknowingly) with it many times. Anyway, if I were to have the opportunity for revenge, I don't think I would be up to it in real life. Of course, in my imagination, I'd be delighting over the opportunity and relishing it. My imagination has a flair for drama, having developed in a culture where confrontations and dramatic deaths are staples in soap operas (Filipinos know what I'm talking about). I'd be too guilty in real life for the whole thing to work. Knowing I'm the cause of their misery is just too much for my peace of mind. If I couldn't have known I'm the cause of their inner pain and suffering (i.e. unrequited, undying and unconfessed love for me), my peace of mind would have been intact. LOL.

Whew! My first one. I think today, I'm being babbly so it, at least, has the chance to work. :P Are you ready to do your own?

New Look!

I have been waiting for any kind of update from blogeasy for the longest time. Now, it has happened. I'm thrilled. I can't wait to post another meme. But it will all have to wait; I have to finish the summer class I have started. Till Friday Five, then!

F5: Paper Trail

Friday Five na naman!

1. What color ink pen do you like best?
< Surprisingly, no. I use just whatever heavier thing I see on my desk to keep sheets of paper on the table. :P

My School Life--College Naman

So, I haven't posted an entry here in a long while. But that's only because I haven't gotten on the pc long enough to post on both blogs.

Shamelessly stolen from Paula's blog. Take a look at her answers, they're pretty good! :)

1. How do you go to school? Car? Commute?

14. Where do you usually eat?

<>< The liberal-arts Christian education that is very strong in the professions. I know I will graduate with my faith stronger through what I've learned, seen and understood about our world. I will graduate with a keener passion for learning and for others. That is what SPU will give me and more. (I'm trying to forget about the debt)

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